A Brief History

After the first wave of refugee resettlement in the United States in 1976, Wayne Saykao Thao and former Captain Kue Sao, had thoughts of how to reunite the Thao and Kue families into one functioning organization. They had discussed and planned for many years, but not until 1981 whereas Thao Universal was formed and Mr. Xi Thao was elected as the organization's first President. Colonel Nengchu Thao chaired the meeting to ratify the rules and laws of this new MAA. Thao Universal was later moved to California and dissolved. Thao Kue Organization was eventually formed and has since played an important part in unifying the Thao and Kue families in the state of Minnesota to this day.   Thao Kue organization was originally just a local group of Thao families in the Twin Cities in the 1980's led by a few community leaders such as Shong Ger Thao, Galong Thao, Shongleng Thao, and Pang Mang Thao. Eventually the Kue family was invited and joined the organization.  Songkao Thao was elected the first President of the Thao Kue Organization.


The following people are the successors to the Presidency: 

Pang Mang Thao, Shong Ger Thao, Galong Thao, Nha Toua Thao, Nhia Zong Thao, Robert Thao, Vang Xang Thao, Ghia Kee Thao, Cher Cha Thao, Vang Sao Thao, Chia Cher Thao and Chung Leng Kue (first President from the Kue family), and Wunglee Thao.


President Nhia Kee Thao was responsible for transforming the organization in to a modern MAA. The organization was finally incorporated in 2007 under the leadership of President Vang Sao Thao and his administration. Due to the deep love and concerns for the Thao and Kue families, a group of respected Thao and Kue leaders got together under leadership of President Vang Sao Thao and organized a meeting in 2011 to initiate the formation of Thao Kue United with hope to unite the Thao and Kue families all across the United States. The very first national meeting took place on October 15-16, 2011 and followed by the second meeting on October 27-28, 2012 of which led to the formation of Thao Kue United, Inc. which is jointly supported by 13 states which includes CA, CO, FL, GA, MI, MN, NC, SC, OR, OK, RI, TX, and WI.  Chia Cher Thao and Dr. Nhia Pao Kue was elected as Interim President and Vice-President of Thao Kue United, Inc.


Credited: Wayne Saykao Thao

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