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Previous Scholarship Winners

2013 Graduated Students

Congrats to Veronica M. Thao

High School graduate and winner of Thao/Kue graduation scholarship 2013.


Nyob Zoo! My name is Veronica Maisea Thao. I graduated from Robbinsdale Cooper High School on June 6, 2013 and I am currently attending Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin hoping to major in Biology! A little info on my high school life is I was the first Hmong Editor-in-Chief of my school’s newspaper, I was the President of a volunteer group called Students in Action and won third place at state for being a top school in volunteering, I was also the president of the Anti-Bully club, I was the secretary of my school Student Council, a part of the National Honor Society at my school, in the science and Asian culture club, I was a varsity member on my schools tennis team and lastly I was in a college prep program called College Possible. I learned that grades are very important in school but being involved is just as important. It shows colleges that you are a student that can benefit their school intellectually and academically. It also makes you stand out from the next student because you have skills that will help you throughout your life like communicating inform of big groups, working together with people you don’t know compare the average student who isn’t involved and doesn’t know any of these things. It makes you unique and different therefore you are more visible to colleges then they are. Lastly, I want to say that if you have a dream pursue it, when you are successful it will never be too late but if you decide to party and not know where or what you want in life by the time you realize it, it may be too late. Work hard, there are people all around you to help you and feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Thank you Thao/Kue for giving me the opportunity to share my story and helping me pursue my dream and promoting further education to all the Thao/Kue kids out there!

HS. Graduates

Student's Name Parent's Name
  1. Angel NuChi Thao
  2. Breana Thao
  3. Cheenue Thao
  4. Joshua Chi Meng Thao
  5. Cindy Houa Thao
  6. Elvis Thao
  7. Emily Vang
  8. Fong Thao
  9. Gao Nou Glorious Thao
  10. John Thao
  11. Lubsuab Angel Thao
  12. Nitaya Thao
  13. Pana Thao
  14. Peter Thao
  15. Seng Thao
  16. Tha Ying Thao
  17. Thanaphong Songsawawong Thao
  18. Tsai Thao
  19. Tyffani G. Thao
  20. Vacho Thao
  21. Veronica Maisea Thao
  22. Vince Saykao Thao
  23. Win Thao
  24. Yee Kue

Cher Wa Yia Thao

Txhiaj Tsawb Thoj

Suwan Thao

Adam Chou Thao

Ntsuab Npis Allen Thao

Zong Txhiaj Thao

Chue Tong Kue

Cha Long Thao

Paj Tsab Thao

Steve Thao

Morgan Lor Thao

Tswv Kab Thao

Toua Thao

Cha Nhia Thao

Neng Hue Thao

Wa Neng Thao

Vang Xao Thao

Cha Nhia Thao

Sou Thao

Nkaj Looj Thor

Vue Pao Thao

Wayne Saykao Thao

Vang Xao Thao

Wang Seng (Caw) Kue 

College Graduates

Student's Name Degree Parent's Name
Jonathan Chue Thao AS Ntsuab Npis Allen Thao
Hli Xiong Ku BA Joshua Ku
Lisa Thao BS Nao Cha Thao
Patong Thao BS Tswv Kab Thao
PaZong Thao BA Cher Wa Yia Thao
Tricia Thor BA Peter Huajvam Thor
Natalie Thao MA Cha Nhia Thao & Yia Vang 
Seng Thao MA Wunglee Thao

Thao United Youth Scholarship Winners 2019

Student's Name

Tina Zoua Thao

Fuechee Thao
Kaozong Thao
Allison Thao
Lucas Thao
Jaiar (Ntsa Iab) Thao

Thao United of Minnesota would like to thank all of you for your accomplisments in school and in doing your very best to be a good role model to your siblings, friends, and families. Remember this is only the beginning of your journey, there are many challenges that awaits you in the future, but with dedication and focus you shall conquer them all.


“How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these."


George Washington Carver


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