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Thao United of Minnesota was founded in 1983, it is comprised of families from Minnesota and local business owners. Thao United of Minnesota is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. The functions and operations are govern by the board of directors, advisory board members, and group leaders to maintain consistant comprehensive operation and effectiveness in fulfilling the missions and goals.


Our focus is on uniting families before and after the Vietnam War.  After agreements were signed to end the Vietnam War, many Thao families relocated to the US to find peace and seek better education for their children. The elders was able to unite and keep the Thao families together as one strong community here in Minnesota. Thao United of Minnesota has continued to do what is necessary to ensure that the future of our children is better than before, help our children maintain the Hmong culture while promoting diversity and higher education for all.


Thao United of Minnesota have total of +/- 16 groups of Thao families and the total combined membership is north of 3000 strong.  Each group sends up to 3-5 members to represent their group: typically in the past, 2 members are the group leader & assistant group leader, and the 3rd person is the board member. With goals to help bridge the gap between today's Hmong children and parents, the organization has recently added the 4th and 5th persons which are the youth representatives. Young people benefit by gaining skills, self-esteem, knowledge, and connectedness to who they are as Hmong Americans, in the Thao Family. Adults (Hmong parents) also benefit by enhancing their own competencies while also learning to better understand and value today's youth. Both adults and youth working together increases one another's commitment and energy towards the organization.


The President of Thao United of Minnesota has the authority to select or nominate among these board members on who will become the Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasure, etc...


Thao United of Minnesota finances are strictly generated from donations of our members, fundraising events, and from our members and businesses.

(i) Unify the Thao families locally.
(ii) Promote education, economic, social and cultural development for the betterment of the Thao familes.
(iii) To protect the Thao families, Values, and Leaderships.
(iv) To help resolve conflicts within the Thao families and the surrounding communities.
In addition to these purposes, the organization will do what it can to help promote community services, healthcare, education, personal growth, improve communication, networking, leadership training, business professional training, historical research, educational recognition, and social programs through its Committee Members.
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